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Sun., Nov. 3, 2013, midnight

Cannon the honest choice

Your vote in the Spokane City Council race is critical. Whether or not Spokane will continue the current course of lower water rates, more police accountability, innovative solutions to problems and balancing our budget with a minimum of additional taxes will depend on which candidates win.

It is easy for voters to tell the philosophies of the two District 1 candidates and Michael Cannon of District 3 because they are honest about their beliefs. However, Cannon’s opponent, Candace Mumm, misleads the public. She wants us to see her as an independent and supportive of all political groups, when in reality she is very liberal.

In the KSPS debate with Cannon, she stated that “I have backed Republicans … Independents … Democrats,” then specifically mentioned her support of Republican Al French. So I checked Public Disclosure Commission reports, and under “partial contributor name” wrote in Mumm, Candace. In partisan races, all of her contributions were to Democrats; none even to French.

We need council members who honestly represent their beliefs, not someone who uses her broadcasting skills to sound like she supports our position when she does not. In District 3 the best choice is The Spokesman-Review endorsed candidate, Michael Cannon.

Gretchen McDevitt


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