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Sun., Nov. 3, 2013, midnight

Snyder for moving forward

In response to “Ahern for new era” (Oct. 19) by Ed Walther:

It is challenging at best to reach a sound conclusion based on a faulty premise.

In his Oct. 19 attack on Jon Snyder, Ed Walther cites the rebuilding of Lincoln Street as an example of wasteful spending. In fact, inclusion of stormwater facilities in the Lincoln Street project saves taxpayer money. The stormwater treatment facilities in the Lincoln Street project resulted in a 25 percent reduction of stormwater treatment costs when compared to conventional treatment.

As observed by City Engineer Mike Taylor in an April 27, 2010, email: “this one is clearly … on the positive side of the balance sheet.”

Interestingly, Snyder’s support of the Lincoln Street improvements aligns him with Mayor David Condon’s initiative to reduce stormwater treatment costs by investing in projects similar to the one on Lincoln Street.

John Ahern’s opposition to women’s reproductive rights and his homophobic beliefs position him firmly in a bygone era, not a new era. If the aim is to indeed “keep Spokane moving forward,” a vote for Snyder is clearly the more appropriate choice.

Richard Rush


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