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Sun., Nov. 3, 2013

Who is John Smith?

Who is John Smith?

The last week has provided little information on John Smith as voters decide whom to elect to the 7th Legislative District 7 Senate seat. On Oct. 14 at the Colville American Legion Hall, the moderator cut people off by telling them they were out of time when they were asking a question that was obviously unsupportive of Smith.

It really appeared to be a “Support John Smith or don’t participate forum.” My voter’s pamphlet came, and behind all the experience, education and community service blocks, Smith’s column had “No information submitted.” Then, Oct. 20, I received an automated phone call from someone claiming to be Smith’s daughter. I don’t hear anything from Smith. John, who are you?

Brian Dansel has come clean with voters about his background, experience, employment background and personal history. Thank you for being open, honest and forthright with voters, Brian.

Allen Garr


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