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Wed., Nov. 6, 2013

Big government for the wealthy

Our debt and deficits are immoral and destructive. It is immoral because we are transferring debt to our future generations. Destructive because it inhibits growth and will significantly increase taxes and/or hyperinflation.

My generation is like the biblical Prodigal Son who takes our inheritance from the sacrifice and work of the “greatest generation” and turns it into massive debt.

Recently, ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “There is nothing more to cut in the government.” During the government shutdown one agency, the Environmental Protection Agency, designated 85 percent of its employees as “nonessential.”

Before President Obama was elected, he was opposed to raising the cap on the budget and promised to review every line in the budget.

Government is too large; 200 independent agencies that are plagued with fraud and waste. It is also in violation of the Constitution, which requires annual budgets and appropriation bills.

Incompetence and waste in the government is ignored by many in the elite media because of their unholy alliance with the far left. They are enablers of big government.

Our current big government policies have benefited wealthy investors, banks, politicians and lobbyists at the expense of middle- and lower-income citizens.

David Hamer


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