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The Slice: Some of us prefer our news clean

Thu., Nov. 7, 2013

Just wondering.

When you finish looking at the newspaper is it still in fairly pristine condition, or is it wrinkled, smudged and stained with food smears and beverage drips?

Dogs and Kitchen Floors Department: In Jim Clanton’s house, there is a pull-out cutting board at the end of some kitchen cabinets.

“For 17 years our previous dog, Luke, would assume a sitting position to the right and a bit behind the cutting board.”

This allowed Luke to grab any morsels that accidentally or otherwise fell off the cutting board.

Then Luke passed away. The Clantons eventually acquired Poco, a dog they have had for about six years now.

“Poco sits in exactly the same place as Luke, right down to the nanometer. It’s like there is some cosmic dog-butt attractant force at that particular spot on our kitchen floor.”

Small World Department: A friend named Sue shared a story.

“We were in Vienna, Austria, standing under an overhang trying to avoid getting soaked by rain while waiting for a museum to open,” she wrote. “Elvis Costello was standing next to my husband and a guy we had never met before wearing a WSU cap was standing next to me.”

Sharon Pearson was on a remote Greek island years ago when a stranger walked up and said, “So, have you cruised Riverside lately?”

(That fellow, who had lived in Eastern Washington, had heard from someone else that Pearson was from Spokane.)

Peggy Coffey was wearing a “Spokane USA” shirt in Germany when she encountered a guy in a Bloomsday shirt.

Real Life Department: “Not all Expo experiences are necessarily good,” wrote a bicycle enthusiast I know. “As a 12-year-old I was quite excited as we planned a family vacation well in advance to Spokane for Expo ’74. Unfortunately, my parents began divorce proceedings a few months prior to Expo. Though I didn’t understand at the time, divorce plans trump family vacation plans. As a result I remained 165 miles away from Expo ’74 for the duration. Forty years later, I am almost over it.”

Today’s Slice question: What inanimate object have you hurled across a room in anger?

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