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Sat., Nov. 9, 2013

E-cigarettes appreciated

After reading the Oct. 29 article on e-cigarettes, I’m that much happier that I took that alternate route after smoking cigarettes for over 40 years. Smoking is said to be one of the hardest addictions to quit, and after trying time and time again to no avail, the only choice left was electronic cigarettes. After four years of being smoke-free, it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I have no problem with the Food and Drug Administration regulating, testing the safety of e-cigs and restricting sale to minors, as long as they continue to allow adults to purchase them. There is no comparison to the ingredients in a cigarette versus an e-cigarette. One kills, the other allows you to experience the smoking sensation without all of the harm and toxicities associated with all cigarettes.

If you can’t quit, or even if you enjoy smoking, the clear life-saving choice is an electronic cigarette. They’ve made my life a lot easier.

Joe Speranzi


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