November 9, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Take jaywalking seriously


The family hit by a car on Monroe Street is a tragedy, but the Spokane City Council cannot deter jaywalking. We are taught to jaywalk when we begin kindergarten. Our parents jaywalk us across the street rather than walk to a crosswalk. It happens when they drop us off and when they pick us up. This continues throughout our school years. By the time we are adults, jaywalking is “acceptable” behavior.

This is like speeding and cellphone use, another story. So if anyone wonders why this family was hit while jaywalking at dusk, ask the schools, law enforcement or society for teaching her that jaywalking is acceptable, and there aren’t any consequences.

School employees see jaywalking every morning and afternoon. Has there ever been a note to parents from a school warning of the dangers of jaywalking? I doubt it. I’ve yet to see a public safety commercial about the dangers of jaywalking. I can’t remember seeing a public safety commercial about anything in a long time. Why is that? So if you want to stop this behavior, start at home.

Parents, don’t jaywalk with your children. Schools, tell parents that jaywalking is unacceptable.

Doug Bacon


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