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The Slice: Katie never felt cheated at meal table

Sat., Nov. 9, 2013

Let’s start with one more story of dogs and kitchen floors.

“You made me remember Katie, who’s been gone for a while now,” wrote Ellen Sherriffs. “She never let anything hit the floor. We always joked that she created a tremendous vacuum when she opened her mouth so quickly that she’d change the trajectory of the dropped item and suck it down. The first time I dropped something and it hit the floor, I just stared at it and missed her more.”

Small World Department: “I was in Copenhagen, when I turned a corner and literally bumped into a colleague from home,” wrote Sanford Gerber.

Pierre and Pat Rossini were at a restaurant in France when they saw a young woman wearing a leather cap with the WSU logo embroidered on the back. The woman, who said she bought the cap in Sicily, had no idea what the logo signified.

John Yates and his wife were on a Caribbean cruise when they took a helicopter ride at St. Thomas. Yates was wearing an Inland Northwest car club shirt. The guy seated behind him asked if they were from Spokane. “He lived on the South Hill.”

Lisa Julian of St. Maries was in New Zealand when she met a couple from Moscow, Idaho.

Colville’s Jim Schaller was wearing a Lost Falls Brewery shirt on a Fourth of July weekend at the Grand Canyon when he heard “Nice shirt” from someone who turned out to be from Chewelah.

Slice answers: Diane Stutzman said you know she’s an Inland Northwest woman if she can split wood.

Alan Howard refers to a certain grocery outlet as the Used Food Store.

For Gabi Tilley and her husband, “Reunited” by Peaches & Herb is their song.

Sherri Hyams said that decades before grade-schoolers would have described a classmate as “hot,” kids practically wore out the term “cute.”

And quite a few readers knew that “Yes, yes I do” is the proper way to answer “Do you feel this vehicle is safe for highway travel?” from the movie “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.”

Today’s Slice question: How often does someone in your home adjust the thermostat?

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