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Sun., Nov. 10, 2013

Government spending scary

The tirade against conservatives for their effort to slow down the growth in government spending baffles me. Don’t people realize that excessive deficit spending over a long period of time has always caused economic collapse? Whenever accepting a promise to pay, it makes common sense to know if the borrower has the ability and financial stability to pay.

The U.S. government currently has a $17 trillion debt. Now, Congress, the president and the press are all ignoring the fact that the United States is borrowing in excess of 40 percent of the money it is spending.

Why would we trust the federal government to be able to provide anything of significance over a long period of time? Social Security is being discussed as to when it will go broke; Medicare is on that same list, to name just two. Why are we willing to accept that the government can meet its obligations to meet its promises to take care of us? I think we all need to question the financial viability of any organization whose spending is as out of control as the federal government.

Dave Miller


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