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Grateful for public benefits

Robert Samuelson wrote Nov. 4 about Social Security and Medicare. Modifications are necessary to fund these programs. However, they can’t be viewed in isolation.

Our federal tax system greatly favors the wealthy, who do anything to avoid taxation. All income should be taxed at the same rate. This would solve most budget problems. Our health delivery system is flawed because it focuses on profit as if it was sacred. Switzerland, other European countries, Japan and Taiwan have universal private health care at one-half what we pay. We could do the same.

I was homeless and know it can happen to anybody. I collected one welfare check before I got back on track. I don’t begrudge food stamps and welfare for people who need them despite some abuses that abound everywhere else in America. I am a veteran and benefited from the GI Bill. I worked hard my entire life, and have retired with my wife and dependent son.

We are comfortable on Social Security, Medicare, small pensions and prudent savings. I would pay more for Medicare now.

Remember, the next time you see a hungry or homeless person, there but for fortune go you or go I.

David Webb



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