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Too much Zags, not enough rest

After looking through this morning’s (Nov. 7) sports special section on college basketball, of The Spokesman-Review, with the Gonzaga drawing on the cover page, I have a question:

Why don’t you rename it The Gonzaga Sports Special Section?

 Suggestion: Why don’t you look at this Sports Special Section for eight colleges as you would for eight kids? As a parent, giving one kid more attention than the other kids is “partial” don’t you think?  Come on, let’s level the playing field.

Just look back at what your founding father, William Cowles in 1894, pledged when he bought The Spokesman-Review. His pledge and what he believed was news stories should always be impartial. 


This Sports Special Section should have had equal amounts of coverage for all eight colleges listed for both men and women. 

That would have been as impartial as you can get.  

Diane Nebel


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