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Why trust schools?

What an amazing article Nov. 3 by Beck Taylor regarding pre-kindergarten education. The author bemoans the fact that businesses cannot find qualified workers so we need to start schooling earlier, including early learning for infants and toddlers. Never mind that the current system has our children for 13 to 17 years and, by the author’s own admission, cannot produce qualified workers.

What makes you think extending our children’s schooling by another two years or so will accomplish what the schools cannot accomplish in 13 years? By all means, let’s get the school system involved with educating our children from infancy on at no cost to us. Where have we heard that before?

Apparently, parents cannot educate their kids; only the school system can. Why don’t we just turn over our kids to the school system at birth so they can turn them into productive workers?

Bob Loweree



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