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Tue., Nov. 12, 2013

America a nation under one flag

The other day while driving, I noticed a large car in front of me displaying a colorful portrait of the American flag inscribed, “There is only one.” A warmth came over me because this expressed my feelings exactly.

We have neither a Yankee nor Confederate flag. While we have roots in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East or the Americas, we pledge allegiance to one flag.

We are white and black, brown and in-between Americans. We are believers, seekers and uncommitted, sheltering under one flag.

After all of our historical achievements, untold sacrifices, and special tradition of pulling together during the hardest times, I believe that, deep down, most Americans are decent, moral and not self-serving.

Do we really want to remain a nation divided into Americans with health insurance and the uninsured? Affordable health insurance is a godsend to millions, with consumer protections for everyone. It will serve young and old, wealthy and poor, and no one will be penalized for having a pre-existing condition.

Look closely, and you will realize that the fabric of our one flag is woven not with divisions, but with hopes and aspirations. Look again, and you will see that our one flag is ourselves.

Halina Slobodow


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