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Spokane Valley smart on taxes

For those who didn’t read the Oct. 24 Valley Voice, please let me quote Tom Towey, mayor of Spokane Valley: “There’s a time to tax and there’s a time not to tax.” This was in regard to the 1 percent property tax increase allowed, but not taken by the City Council. I was rather shocked when I read this. I was even more shocked to read that this is the fifth year that the council has voted this way.

Although I believe in dissent, I have to say that I disagree with the lone voter to accept the increase in tax. Councilman Ben Wick seems to be saying if there is a tax deficit, raise taxes, and if there is a tax surplus, raise taxes. Raising taxes is not always the best way to vote.

I’m sure the people of Spokane Valley are pleased to know that their mayor and council are truly looking out for the best interests of their citizens. This is how cities should treat taxpayers.

Tom Johnson

Spokane Valley


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