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The Slice: Some failings are hard to let slide

Tue., Nov. 12, 2013

There are great moments in Spokane history.

And then there are other moments.

Tony Myers shared a story he heard ages ago from his wife, Jo. She had gone to work for Spokane Unlimited in 1970 as a bookkeeper.

As you might recall, Spokane Unlimited – headed by King Cole – was instrumental in making Expo ’74 happen.

One day, Cole wanted to present a slideshow to the small Spokane Unlimited office staff. It would be a visual tour of previous world’s fairs.

“But when he set up the slide projector he found that it didn’t work. So he asked the secretary if she would take the projector to a nearby business for repair.”

That woman did as she was asked.

“Projector in hand, she walked out the door, hollering back, ‘Now don’t show those slides until I return.’ ”

That’s what she said.

“After the door closed, King waited for a few seconds and then shook his head.”

With a sigh in his voice, he said, “And to think we are supposed to put on a world’s fair.”

Appreciating a well-turned third-grade ankle: Several readers misunderstood the question about the language grade-schoolers employed decades ago to describe attractive classmates. I had been wondering about words little kids used in that context. But a number of readers shared recollections based on things significantly older individuals used to say.

So we weren’t really on the same page, as they say.

But I have to tell you. The thought of grade-schoolers saying “hubba hubba” amuses me every time I think of it.

OK, one more dogs/ kitchen floors story: Flash was a large American Eskimo dog. He got his name from early demonstrations of speed and independence. He was brave and bold to the end.

“Flash loved his food dearly and particularly loved his ice cream and any cheese dropped on the kitchen floor,” wrote Al Lundbeck and Carran Kelley. “He’s been gone several years now, but whenever any food (especially cheese) is dropped onto the floor, we call out ‘Flash! Flash!’ and it always makes us smile remembering Flash and his indomitable spirit.”

Today’s Slice question: Do you wish you had grown up drinking fluoridated water?

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