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Health reform necessary

My father was in a skilled nursing facility room that could have cost $10,000 a month if he’d had the audacity to survive past Medicare coverage periods.

Someone who’s part of my workplace clientele shared how he and his wife lost their home and were forced into bankruptcy after she incurred $400,000-plus out-of-pocket for cancer treatment, despite having “quality” insurance through government jobs.

Hand-wringing over the Affordable Care Act’s shortcomings continues to overlook fundamental injustices inherent in for-profit insurance systems (with direct impacts on not-for-profit competitors), crucial components of our capitalist economy.

Functioning consciences recognize imposing those obscene costs on nonwealthy persons is oppressively cruel. What’ll it take – short of, literally, a revolution – to get Congress’ corporatists to comprehend the only way to ensure equal health care access for everyone is to completely excise the tumor of insurance profit forever? It could be so simple – if representatives were courageous enough to confront health care provider greed – to supplant for-profit insurance with single payer coverage.

If single payer systems are such terrors for citizens of Canada, Great Britain, France, etc. as Fox News-mouthpieces say, where’s their rebellion? Could it conceivably be corporate media are more interested in preserving advertisers’ profits than truth-telling?

Robert A. Ethington



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