Letters to the Editor

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 13, 2013

Will the vilified get credit?

The Senate Democrats who are facing re-election in 2014 now seem to be concerned about what their constituents think. They are moving away from the lock-step leadership of the obstinate Harry Reid. It says something about them, but more about those who do not have to face their voters.

Is it possible that the Senate will finally be recognized for its contribution (or lack of) to the mess we call “gridlock?” Will this exonerate the radical Tea Party Republicans, who did listen and warn of the oncoming train wreck?

Will Ted Cruz, who has been vilified by Democrats and the media, be given credit for his efforts for the people? Will the nation finally recognize this administration as being among the most incompetent and corrupt of all time?

Hope, not being a plan for success, as we have seen, is what we can only have.

Jeff Reyburn


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