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Time for her to go

OK, I give up. I see no way forward with our current representative. Why? Because she blatantly refuses to try to help her constituents, stubbornly throwing one wrench after another into the workings of the government in which she serves. Her proud shutdown likely cost the American people far more than the Affordable Care Act ever will. The CBO still says the ACA is a long-term net financial positive for the government.

I understand her ideological difficulties with the ACA, but the fact is, the ACA will likely help far more of Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ constituents than it will hurt. And she knows this. Her job is to serve us by working to make the ACA as successful as possible for us. She refuses.

Her recent words about the late Tom Foley could not ring more hollow. How could she respect someone who did his own thinking, met with the people he represented without staging or vetting attendees, and compromised? Heck, he probably even answered letters personally.

McMorris Rodgers simply emails a standard reply; she wants no conversation, no suggestion, no criticism. She is a Ted Cruz-kind of politician. It is time for her to go.

Jeff Ellingson

Liberty Lake


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