November 16, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Voters made right choice


Congratulations to Spokane County voters for rejecting Proposition 1. Commissioner Al French’s statement that those who voted for it understood the importance of the base to the local economy suggests that those who voted against it did not understand the same. That is simply not true. We just didn’t buy the argument that the Air Force would shut down Fairchild due to some mobile home parks.

If our elected officials felt it was so important to the area, they should have done their job and removed a lower-priority project from the budget in order to fund it. Trying to burden residents with yet another tax indicates either a feeble attempt to find an alternate solution, an unwillingness to make the tough budget decisions, or confirmation that the premise itself was weak to begin with.

Good job, voters, of not being hoodwinked into surrendering your money for no good reason.

Dan Simmons

Medical Lake

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