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Sun., Nov. 17, 2013, midnight

Blame the politicians

Unions aren’t perfect, but union-bashing is grossly misplaced. Unions may ask for the moon, but they can only ask. It’s elected politicians that give it to them.

The Oct. 25 Spokesman-Review editorial criticized unions for trying to hold on to what they received. What the editorial should have done was criticize the politicians for giving it to them in the good times. Unions don’t have to stop asking, but politicians should never fall into the feel-good mood. The economy always goes up and down. Politicians should negotiate hard every single time and maintain a consistent purpose to be fair but tough in order to get the most bang for the public buck.

It means that politicians should think before saying yes to anything. Thinking about the consequences before doing leads to the best outcome. Elected office demands it. Voters should think at the ballot box, but usually don’t. Voters don’t take the time to think and let themselves get swayed by anti-union or anti-business sound bites and advertising.

Use the cat-o’-nine-tails on the politicians who gave away the farm and disregarded their responsibility, not on those who merely asked for something.

Frank Puschak


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