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Fairchild versus McConnell cost-benefit comparison

Although the Air Force studied four bases as possible first homes for the KC-46A, Fairchild and McConnell Air Force bases would have the lowest costs, see the smallest number of personnel changes and need the least amount of construction. Here are some differences listed in the draft environmental impact statement for bringing the first wing of new tankers to Fairchild and McConnell.

Fairchild McConnell
Change in military personnel +438 -77
Change in personnel and dependents +1,095 -291
Effect on local school systems +407 students -108 students
Traffic effects for daily vehicle trips 7.5 percent increase 2 percent decrease
Building space needing renovation 2 million sq. ft. 178,640 sq. ft.
Building space to be demolished 188,309 sq. ft. 144,461 sq. ft.
New construction needed 1.6 million sq. ft. 418,496 sq. ft.
Estimated construction costs $292 million $260 million
Estimated construction jobs 3,022 3,404
Number of flights per year as KC-135 base 30,507 38,618
Number of flights per year as KC-46A base 49,303 47,807