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Sun., Nov. 17, 2013

Just expand Medicare

There is no question, now, that there are people who would rather keep their existing health insurance policy than pay substantially more for what is available to replace it. Even though I support the Affordable Care Act, I would not be happy if this had happened to me. Only the very altruistic would be happy for such a turn of events. Of course, those who are now able to have insurance to cover pre-existing conditions, especially those conditions which would be fatal without care, are grateful for this new law.

If Medicare had simply been extended to the uninsured and those without employer provided coverage, this all could have been done so much simpler and with less cost, even if a co-pay to cover the average cost of the health insurance coverage was required of all. The problem is that the private insurance companies would not have been able to collect their profits. So little people all over America get to support the American dream of corporations.

There really is a better way and it is called “Medicare for those who need health insurance.”

Allan deLaubenfels

Spokane Valley

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