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That’s NEWS to you

If you followed the news last week – and maybe even if you didn’t – you could be a winner in our news quiz.

Try your hand at the newspaper edition of the quiz, then go online to newsquiz for our interactive version, where top entries go into a weekly drawing for a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel and all entries go into a drawing for movie tickets.

1. What happened to two Gonzaga University students who said they chased an intruder from their apartment at gunpoint?

A. They were put on probation.

B. They were suspended.

C. They were expelled.

D. They were arrested.

E. Nothing. The university said they did the right thing.

2. The Spokane City Council rejected a proposed contract that Mayor David Condon had negotiated with what union?

A. Aircraft machinists

B. Bus drivers

C. Firefighters

D. Office workers

E. Police officers

3. Washington state updates the time capsule it established at its centennial celebration every

A. 10 years

B. 25 years

C. 50 years

D. 100 years

E. Can’t fool me. You can’t update a time capsule.

4. After union machinists rejected a contract extension last week, Boeing said it would consider other states in which to build a new version of what plane?

A. 737

B. 757

C. 767

D. 777

E. 787

5. DNA testing on fossils suggests wolves were first domesticated into dogs in what part of the world?

A. Africa

B. Asia

C. Europe

D. Middle East

E. North America

Check your work

Find the answers and last week’s winners on page B3.