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Obama transparency? Can’t see it

Usually I am glad to be right, but I am not happy about finding out the truth about Obamacare. I wonder what is going to happen to the millions of people who have received their insurance cancellation notices.

Many of these people are going to have a black holiday season because of this program, which we have been told about ad nauseam. Perhaps President Obama took lessons from his Hollywood friends as to being able to repeat the same statements that he now says weren’t exact.

It makes me wonder if Obama has a conscience, or is he blinded by his desire to leave health care for the majority as his legacy? Either way it is extremely selfish to turn the world upside down for so many people by taking away insurance that they have chosen, and that they can afford.

A large number of Americans came to this country to find freedom. They did not expect to be taken care of by the government. Those who have been successful do not deserve having to pay extra so that they wind up paying for those who haven’t had insurance.

Remember, Obama promised transparency.

Gerald Ray



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