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Mon., Nov. 18, 2013, midnight

Storm warnings overblown

Alexandra Amonette’s Nov. 9 letter mischaracterized Superstorm Sandy. Sandy was deadly and costly because it affected a long, sensitive area of the country (the East Coast), not because it was powerful. As a matter of fact, when it made landfall it was only a tropical storm.

Alarmists like to point to deadly hurricanes because it helps their cause, just as they did with Katrina, which was another hurricane that hit a sensitive area. A few facts that people may not be aware of is that the last Category 3 or greater hurricane to hit the United States was in 2005, and that the hurricane season just now ending has been one of the weakest, even though earlier this year alarmists were pointing to articles predicting a tough season.

It ended up being just another failed prediction on a very long list.

Paul Alsept


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