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GU tactics alarming

I find it appalling that Gonzaga, which has its own school of law, would allow its security people to act with Gestapo-like tactics in this matter. Again we see that the “gun-free zone” idea is without merit, otherwise the criminal would not have approached the student lodging in the first place. Confronted with a gun that he didn’t expect to see, the felon fled the scene.

I would like to know who authorized security to confiscate and search for weapons. I would like to know why the students were subjected to a Gestapo-like raid at 2 a.m. I would like to know why the university chose this course instead of calling the students into the office first to explain the policy and ask that the weapons be removed voluntarily.

Gonzaga has totally lost my respect as a learning institution and my support for its sports programs. GU’s security people should wear blue and white armbands with a large GU in the center circle. If you are going to act like the Gestapo, you may as well look the part.

Gerald Barnhart



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