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Tue., Nov. 19, 2013

Money didn’t talk this time

The big election is over for the 7th Legislative District, and it clearly shows that the incumbent with all his financial backing from out of the area and politicians in high places failed. The old saying that money talks didn’t work this time.

But I question why the National Rifle Association got into the fight by endorsing John Smith who, incidentally, did a good job for gun rights while in his first session in Olympia. However, the NRA failed to recognize his opponent, Brian Dansel, who is also a well-known supporter of the Second Amendment.

As an NRA distinguished life member, I strongly feel the political endorsement by the Washington state NRA office did an injustice between two candidates that both support the Second Amendment, and it was not good policy.

Some editorial letters stated that Dansel ran a dirty campaign, which is far from the truth. The integrity and past accomplishments of any political candidate’s background should always be revealed to the public eye. Yes, the voters of the district paid attention to the issues.

Tony Delgado

Loon Lake

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