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Fri., Nov. 22, 2013

Shunning a retail Christmas

When I read Jock Swanstrom’s Nov. 15 letter, “Christmas too soon,” I immediately said, “Right on.” I have been bemoaning this very issue for years.

Commercialism is a black thorn in my side, and I invite anyone to join my silent mutiny. I purposely make myself walk through fall leaves, breathe the fresh air and close my eyes to the Christmas decorations in stores before Halloween.

The ridiculous retail business is not going away. The idiots on Black Friday will continue to make fools of themselves and buy into big, one-time sales. Those of little faith will continue to think that Christmas is about presents rather than the birth of the most important person in our life. And bundles of wasted paper that I don’t even look at will fill our recycle bins.

Unfortunately, greed is not going away so, yes, Jock, close your eyes to it. Avoid it. The more of us who ignore the stores, the emptier those store aisles will be. We rebels will meet on a park bench on Christmas Eve and enjoy the falling snow as we look up and thank God that we alone know the true meaning of this season.

Nadine Yingst Joubert


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