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Consequences of defeat

I grew up in an era when the food you bought didn’t need labels telling you what had been added because nothing had been. Now, food has had so many things added to it you can’t be sure what you are eating unless you read the label. Even then, you might not get the truth, as shown by the defeat of Initiative 522.

Years from now, all kinds of health issues will start showing up because people who voted no on this issue didn’t care enough about what they were eating. They allowed themselves to be scared into voting the way the greedy chemical companies wanted them to. The companies spent millions making sure of it. Like a bunch of sheep, they followed just where the companies wanted, never thinking that adding two words to packaging that already has content labeling wasn’t going to add to the cost of the food item.

All they have done is ensure those companies that irradiate food are going to make enormous profits at the expense of their ignorance and health. There has to be a reason other countries won’t buy our harvest if it has been altered.

Marie Plimley



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