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Sat., Nov. 23, 2013

Media and Obamacare

With cancellation of millions of health insurance policies, the news media need to answer some questions about how they have covered health care over the last four years. Do those news sources assert that they had no idea massive cancellations would occur?

Such an assertion is not plausible as numerous critics of the legislation have long pointed out that forcing millions of relatively wealthy and healthy people into the same pool with the poor and sick was the only way for Obamacare to be financially stable. Does the news media assert that they were aware of the warnings but discounted them? If so, their customers deserve an explanation of how they could have been so wrong.

Do they assert that they knew of the massive cancellations coming, but didn’t think it was a significant story? If so, they would have to assert that a president repeatedly making a contradictory promise they knew was false was also not a significant story. And if they assert that they knew it was a significant story but nevertheless chose to not inform the public, they need to explain why they believe themselves capable of deciding what the public should and should not know.

Bill Manuel


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