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Sun., Nov. 24, 2013

Cheaper fix for SR 904

I was surprised to learn that “SR 904 needs attention” (Nov. 20), because “17,000 to 19,000 vehicles per day are forced into a two-lane, no-passing highway.” There are intersections and stretches of road in Spokane County that I avoid at all costs. SR 904 isn’t one of them.

I have never been forced onto SR 904. Nor have I even been delayed on that four-mile stretch. Traffic moves smoothly, approximately at the 55 mph speed limit.

Traffic enforcement is extremely rare. Some motorists pass in the no-passing zone. Bad behavior also takes the form of driving without headlamps or while using electronic devices. Those who pass seldom exceed the speed limit by much. The scofflaws arrive in Cheney at the same time as those they’ve passed.

The most terrifying point between Four Lakes and Eastern Washington University is the first block of West Betz Road, where accelerating and merging traffic is often blocked by motorists waiting to turn left across a double-double-yellow into the shopping center, or imperiled by cars emerging from the shopping center, turning left across the same double-double-yellow.

Unlawful driving is, well, unlawful. Perhaps a little enforcement could achieve a lot.

Wayne Kraft


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