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Letters to the Editor

Sun., Nov. 24, 2013

Do words mean anything?

President Obama lied. We can’t keep our existing health care plans like he repeatedly promised. Do words mean anything these days? Who hasn’t been devastated by being lied to by someone they’d trusted? Trust is the glue that holds society together. But with Obama, lies are just convenient tools for gaining an objective.

Obama has a long history of destroying trust. He calls Republicans the enemy. So much for working together to solve America’s problems. He uses every agency of government as a weapon against his enemies: the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Justice, the Environmental Protection Agency, etc. – just like Hitler did.

If Obama was a National Football League quarterback, his character flaws would make him the most despised man in professional football. He brags when he wins. Remember all the blah about how he got Osama bin Laden? He and his feckless vice president got that poor Pakistani doctor imprisoned and tortured because they were so busy high-fiving their success, and he refuses to take responsibility for any of his many failures. He always has someone else to blame.

Health care reform is an urgent need, but won’t happen until we elect a president who values integrity.

Tom Frisque

Usk, Wash.

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