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Sun., Nov. 24, 2013

McMorris Rodgers Antoinette

While Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and the Republicans stay busy cutting food stamps and holding the government and the economy hostage to their crazy, undemocratic and, yes, dangerous threats, all over America people are hungry. Of the 47 million recipients of food stamps, half are children and teens, and 10 percent are seniors.

Here in Kettle Falls, we stay busy raising funds to renovate our food bank, which serves 208 households per month on average.

As an ugly substitute for a genuine budget, the sequester has eliminated $5,000 in annual Federal Emergency Management Agency funds for our food bank and forced automatic cuts in many programs, like Head Start and meals for seniors, that provide a safety net for the poor.

The cruelty of these policies is appalling, and McMorris Rodgers should be held personally responsible. She has helped create a society in which millions face a daily struggle for food, work and shelter while her party continues to protect the rich, who need no protection and get richer every day.

Please, Cathy, lose the “let them eat cake” attitude and work for a humane budget that raises revenues, creates living-wage jobs, and protects the most vulnerable among us.

Lynn Schott

Kettle Falls

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