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The Slice: At one time, Bobby Flay was 4, too

Sun., Nov. 24, 2013

Here are some helpful hints on preparing and serving a Thanksgiving turkey dinner.

They come from some Spokane Valley kids in Connie King’s day care/after school program. She wrote down their answers and was kind enough to share the advice.

“Go to the dinner shop. Get one that’s like 4 pounds and $7.” — Aidan, 4

That’s a pretty small bird.

“Go to one of the restaurants and see if they have a turkey. Maybe one of the Mexican restaurants.” — Kainoah, 7

The worst that could happen is they would say “No.”

“For 15 people, you need about a 10 pound turkey.” — Chet, 11

Portion control?

“Put it in a normal black pan.” — Jayden, 10

Not one of those fancy pans.

“Brush it with water with a brusher.” — Ben, 7

Make sure your brusher is clean.

“Put garlic or something on it.” — Nolan, 10

Not too heavy on the or something.

“Put it in the oven at 15 degrees.” — Sierrah, 7

This is called slow cooking.

“Cook it for a really long time…lots of hours.” — Carah, 4

So maybe start early.

“Cook it for 44 hours.” — Cohen, 6

Really early.

“Boil it.” — Carson, 9

Another way to go.

“Check on it after 10 minutes.” — Tyreek, 9

Just to see how it’s doing.

“No one knows if it’s done but it will look black and roasted.” — Kylee, 5

Let’s hope it is not too black.

“Make some mashed potatoes, green beans…a lot of that stuff.” — Kamron, 9

Wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without stuff.

“Whoever’s birthday is closest gets to cut it.” — Brayden, 6

Wouldn’t the same family member carve every year?

“Ask people what they want and cut that off.” — Elijah, 10

Never heard it put that way, but there you go.

“My grandma prays and we eat.” — Naomi, 8

The classic sequence.

“Before we eat, we like go around the table and say what we are thankful for.” — Marcus, 7

But try to keep it short. Food is getting cold.

Today’s Slice question: Taking into account mood, tradition and travel, what do you regard as ideal Thanksgiving Day weather?

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