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The Slice: Four seasons can make difference

Mon., Nov. 25, 2013, midnight

Let’s hear from another satisfied transplant.

“I moved here six years ago, and the only way I’m going back to Arizona is in a box,” said Bill Mulholland. “My wife says don’t tempt her.”

Best kitchen aroma to encounter when coming in from the cold: “My mom’s homemade bread baking.” – Pat O’Doherty

“Homemade chicken soup.” – Jeanne Ash

“Mom’s gingerbread cooking in the oven.” – Donna Reinbold

“A pot roast cooking in a Crock-Pot.” – Jeri Hershberger

Small World Department: Scott and Louise Casey were part of a family group that got in line outside the Heineken Brewery Experience in Amsterdam. Ahead of them were half a dozen guys from Gonzaga University.

Patrick Jones and his wife were at a café not far from the Machu Picchu ruins in Peru. The people at the next table turned out to be from Spokane Valley.

Bill Reuter shared this. “While hiking outside the city of Monterosso, Italy, three years ago, we met up with another English speaking couple. In talking with them we discovered that they were also from Spokane and that the husband had grown up in Ritzville and was a good friend of Dick Miller, the judge that married us in 1992.”

Once, while spending time with her cousins in California, Karyn Christner had to go to court in a traffic matter. “The judge’s sister lived in Spokane and I believe that’s why I got off with just court costs.”

While living in Brazil, Libbie Coleman’s family invited several visiting U.S. Coast Guard officers to dinner. “One of them said he was from Ford, Wash., just over the hill from where I was born and raised in Hunters.”

Doris Brown and her husband were in a post office in York, England, when they met a couple from Colville.

Sandy Tarbox, who makes soaps and lotions, was on a beach at Mazatlan, Mexico, when she saw another tourist reach into her beach bag and pull out one of Tarbox’s products.

Slice answers: Kathy Hansen, Curt Olsen, Jerry Scheppel, Sherry Slater, Mike Wirt and others offered testimonials in favor of fluoridated water.

Today’s Slice question: Do you have a default anxiety that wipes the smile off your face?

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