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Best Foods to Eat While Driving

Tue., Nov. 26, 2013

While we might argue that eating while driving can be a dangerous distraction, there’s no arguing the pervasiveness of drive-through pick-up windows in our mobile society. Fast food restaurants have been working hard to develop “one handed” nibbles, like McDonald’s Snack Wraps and KFC’s Go Cups (the latter nestle securely in a car’s cupholder), to at least help minimize any possible perils.

But what are America’s favorite foods to consume while in traffic? Candy bars and French fries top the list in a recent poll conducted among 1,500 licensed drivers age 25 and older by in Foster City, Calif. The worst fare to fare in this regard were soup, spaghetti and ribs for what should be obvious reasons.

Here’s the top 10 list of best car chow according to the website’s survey

1. Candy Bar

2. French fries

3. Potato chips

4. Chicken nuggets

5. Doughnut

6. Fresh fruit

7. Hamburger

8. Breakfast sandwich

9. Other

10. Sandwich


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