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Tue., Nov. 26, 2013

Pets as gifts? Be sure

’Tis the season – when people think a new puppy or kitten is the perfect gift. May I offer a few suggestions:

First, be sure the recipient wants a live animal as a gift.

Second, be sure the whole family wants a live animal because the pet will be part of the family and everyone’s responsibility. Getting a puppy or a kitten for a toddler is a cute idea, but puts both the child and the animal at risk. The animal will lose if there’s an incident.

Third, consider buying the dishes, toys and other necessities that the new pet will need. Put that with a gift certificate from the shelter where the pet will be adopted – and let the recipient pick out their own new best friend after the excitement of Christmas Day has passed.

As much as the shelters want everyone home for Christmas, they’d much rather have people wait a day or two and get a pet that will have a forever home.

Louise Long


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