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Prop. 1 was understood

I had to respond to The Spokesman-Review’s Nov. 8 editorial. I take exception to the S-R and Al French stating that we the people of Spokane County didn’t understand what we were voting for regarding Prop. 1. I think the voters of Spokane County did fully understand what was presented to them, and could see through the scam that Prop. 1 was.

It was Spokane County and the city of Airway Heights that allowed the trailer parks to be allowed in the first place. Let’s see, trailers with low tax value vs. light industrial with high tax value?

Al French and the rest of our so-called elected officials need to learn when the voters say no, we mean no. Maybe if they were so concerned about this, they should have spent the $5 million they spent on the money pit – sorry, I mean racetrack – on moving the trailers.

Gerald Goertz

Medical Lake


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