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Rosalia game will decide Pick 6 champ

We’ve arrived at the final week of Pick 6, and we’re all knotted up.

KHQ/SWX sports director Sam Adams had a perfect week to pull even with yours truly.

We enter our 13th week with four area teams in the semifinals. So Pick 6 is now Pick 4.

I’ve used pen to advance Lind-Ritzville/Sprague into a title game next week. I’ve used pencil to push along another, and the other two are big underdogs who will likely see their seasons end.

I don’t have to identify those three teams. You have an idea I’m sure.

Last week: Adams 6-0 (50-22 overall), Lee 4-2 (50-22)

Rosalia vs. Touchet

(Saturday, Pasco, 6)

Lee: Touchet 38-18. The first time around Touchet took it to Rosalia. But the Spartans were in the early stages of adjusting to the eight-man brand. Rosalia, which divorced from Tekoa-Oakesdale dropping from 11-man to eight-man this fall, had to play an independent schedule. The Spartans have improved mightily and that should be measurable in the rematch. But it won’t be enough.

Adams: Rosalia 44-41. I know, I know. Rosalia lost to Touchet head-to-head earlier this year, 54-14. But you have to understand just how much better the Spartans have played since then. They beat Colton by 44 points in last week’s quarterfinals. They beat Gar-Pal by 50 two weeks before that. Touchet beat those two teams by 24 and 22, respectively. Call it a hunch, call it a shot in the dark. I’m pinning my hopes of beating Greg Lee on an upset.

Lind-Ritzville/Sprague vs. Adna

(Saturday, Moses Lake, 4)

Lee: LRS 36-7. The Broncos, frankly, are better than the Pirates. Adna scored in the 2 minutes last week to knock off Reardan. Adna’s strength is defense, but the Pirates will have difficulty keeping up with the Broncos’ weapons.

Adams: LRS 41-21. Looking at common opponents, both LRS and Adna had competitive games against Reardan, with the Broncos winning by 14, and the Pirates by 7 in last week’s quarterfinals. But LRS has improved dramatically since that Reardan game, pitching two shutouts and outscoring its last eight opponents, 370-73.

Freeman vs. Cashmere

(Saturday, Albi, 4)

Lee: Freeman 27-20. The Scotties’ offensive balance should keep Cashmere’s offense on the sideline. And when the Bulldogs have the ball, they’ll struggle against Freeman’s athletic defense. The final score could be a wider margin in Freeman’s favor, but teams that advance this far are here for a reason. This will be the Scotties’ most difficult opponent since a 14-7 season-opening win against Colville.

Adams: Freeman 34-27. I’m going with the horse that brought me here. Freeman got me a couple wins when others doubted them (ahem, Greg), but I don’t think anyone doubts the Scotties’ legitimacy now. Markus Goldbach was a touchdown machine against Royal last week, and I can’t wait to see who steps up to the challenge this Saturday.

Shadle Park vs. Bellevue

(Saturday, Albi, 1)

Lee: Bellevue 42-20. Shadle’s entertaining ride ends here abruptly against the arguably the best team in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. Shadle won’t be able to figure out how to defend the Wolverines’ Wing T – an offense that is powered by precision and deception. The only way Shadle wins is to match Bellevue score for score and that’s not going to happen against the Wolverines’ defense. The starters have allowed just 14 points this season. I doubt that the final margin will be 22 points, but I’ll give the Highlanders the benefit of the doubt.

Adams: Bellevue 42-28. Whoever wins this game, wins the 3A state championship. I have no doubt in my mind that Shadle believes it can be the team that beats Bellevue, but the magical run seems destined to end this Saturday. It should make for a great swan song for Brett Rypien’s immensely talented wide receivers. It’s been a heck of a ride, Highlanders.