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This is a rendering of the future Worthy Hotel. Once the snow flies, the work will halt and not resume until warmer weather shows up in 2014.
This is a rendering of the future Worthy Hotel. Once the snow flies, the work will halt and not resume until warmer weather shows up in 2014.

Skyline-changing hotel plan meets mixed reviews

Spokane’s future largest hotel, a 15-floor, 720-room project spanning an entire city block, is under construction across from the Spokane Convention Center. It’s expected to open in 2015 and includes a 900-space parking garage. When our readers saw the latest artist’s rendering, they piped up on Facebook with these comments about the project:

Robert Barnhart

I was expecting to see a more modern looking building. Looks early 1990ish.

Jenean Jensen Frith

Very nice…

Penny Simonson

Where did the rest of our city go? Oh, I see, there behind that building. Thing is, I really appreciate that Walt Worthy invests in Spokane but, gosh he builds himself such ugly buildings.

Nichole Burrell-Crosby

This is a fabulous step in the progression of our city!!!

Kristie Thill

Cool, bring it on!!!

Jacquelyn Baker Smith

Do we really need ANOTHER hotel in downtown Spokane?

Joanna Musulman

So far I feel the City has planned well with regards to architecture. Let’s face it our Downtown is gorgeous and heads above most cities. This is going to be beautiful and promote jobs and growth for our community.

Toni Filliger

Too bad. As “in-your-face” as can be. All will be forced to look at it and there goes the river.

Charlie Reed

The opera house windows will never see the light of day again.

Jenna Rose Ittner

I wish it had a bit more character to match the age of the downtown buildings.

Mike Mai

Awesome! Now downtown won’t look so outdated.

Riff Mattre

The original rendering released to the press was very impressive as it showed earth-toned brickwork that seemed to complement the historic side of downtown Spokane (including the original Davenport Hotel). This rendering seems like a major step toward cheapening the project into a nondescript, prefab glass and cement monolith akin to the Davenport Tower (which is the opposite extreme in architectural significance to the original Grand Dame). Am I wrong? (Just saying.) Spokane deserves the best!

Andrew Baucom

Priority number one should be that there is good interactive function with neighbors, Auntie’s, Hill’s Restaurant and Lounge, and is pedestrian friendly. Additionally I hope it’s themed for the Northwest.

Cynthia Jill Warner

Little Spokane is growing up

Lois Stratton

Beautiful picture, especially with the Kaiser Aluminum fountain in the foreground. Bruce McPhaden would be so proud, as that fountain was his accomplishment for Spokane’s Expo 74 from Kaiser Aluminum. All we Kaiser employees were likewise very proud!

Becky Cochrane Israel

You know what makes Spokane beautiful is the skyline. Build bigger uglier buildings and she will lose her charm.

Renee Bernard

I’m so excited to see it and I’m pushing hard for our convention to choose Spokane as a destination!

Lucille Wern

We are definitely losing that small town feel with all the tall and high rise buildings! Hopefully it will bring the jobs and revenue that is being talked about!

Bradley Baysinger

They changed it. Original rendering was red brick. I wonder if it’s because people were talking so much crap about the design. I liked the red brick better.

Donald Gomez

Spokane needs that so bad! So people don’t have to go to Coeur d’Alene to stay for the Bloomsday and Hoopfest events!

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