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High Drive explained

I would like to offer a response to Norma Stejer’s Nov. 16 letter concerning street rehabilitation work.

High Drive will be the last major project of the 2004 street bond program. This project will include elements long sought by voters and favored by the City Council: bike lanes, traffic calming and sidewalks. Input from the neighborhood has been carefully considered and incorporated where possible. Suggestions offered by interested citizens are still being studied and will be considered for the final plan design within engineering policies and appropriate guidelines.

The street bond funds will only be used to replace the existing pavement. Funding will come from several other sources for the bike lanes, traffic calming, sidewalks and bluff user parking.

Bike lanes and sidewalks are desired and plentiful parking will be included along the bluff. In order to provide for all users of the roadway system, it is not always possible to retain parking or maintain the current right-of-way configurations in all locations along this or other complete streets projects, wherever they are installed.

We are confident that the final project design will consider and balance the needs of homeowners, walkers, bicyclists and vehicle traffic.

Dallas Hawkins

Chairman, Citizens Streets Advisory Commission



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