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Sat., Nov. 30, 2013

Turkeys not a tragedy

From “Help save the wild turkey,” Froma Harrop, Nov. 23: “A feast for the eyes, ears and stomach, the wild turkey needs more human friends in its North American home. Reversing its triumphal return would be tragic.”

Not saving the wild turkey is and would not be a tragedy.

The millions of starving children in Africa and other nations; the war in Syria, with over 1 million refugees living in camps; the thousands of Christians being killed for their faith, more than at any time in history; these are tragic. The loss of wild turkeys does not qualify as being tragic.

No, sequestration did not cause the wild turkey to be put in danger, as suggested by Tom Hughes in Harrop’s column.

Sorry, but Harrop’s sense of priority for the wild turkeys is tragically misplaced.

Vern Buller


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