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The Slice: Let’s squeeze it in next year

Tue., Oct. 1, 2013

Today The Slice presents a transcript of an exclusive interview with the Spokane man who intends to be the first in 2013 to greet a proposal to have lunch or meet for a beer with the counteroffer, “Why don’t we get together after the holidays.”

You won’t believe what he had to say.

Q: Isn’t it a bit early to trot that out?

A: What are you talking about? As of today, we’re in the fourth quarter.

Q: OK. But wouldn’t you agree that the holidays are still a ways off?

A: Columbus Day is right around the corner.

Q: Well, won’t the person to whom you say this regard your suggestion as an insult?

A: No, he or she will be relieved. A lot of people talk a good game about social appointments. But when the time for the planned get-together rolls around, most of us would really rather not go. Given our druthers, we would prefer to keep working or stay home and watch TV.

Q: It sounds as if you don’t really like people. True?

A: Not at all. I’m crazy about people. But I am honest enough to respect their time. And I recognize that when someone says “Let’s have lunch” they are saying that they like me, too.

Q: So why not have lunch?

A: Hey, I’m all for it. But let’s do it after the holidays.

Q: Yes, but saying that so early in the fall makes it sound like you are telling the person to take a hike. Doesn’t it?

A: I would argue that it simply suggests I want to spend time with him or her when I won’t be distracted with all the random busyness of the season.

Q: So do you follow up and call that person in January?

A: No, of course, not. You are missing the point.

Q: Well, what is the point?

A: That you can schedule your life away if you say “Yes” to everything. The point is to show friends and acquaintances that you care about them, but without booking yourself into oblivion.

Q: And saying “Let’s get together after the holidays” accomplishes that?

A: It does. Look, I’ve got to run. If you want to pick this up later, why don’t we …

Q: Right. Talk to you next year.

Today’s Slice question: What happened when you made your own apple cider?

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