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Sat., Oct. 5, 2013

Forest Service wastes money

In response to “Rainbow gathering in Montana cost $575,000, says Forest Service,” (Sept. 24):

What the U.S. Forest Service spent $575,000 of taxpayers’ money on was their officers, sitting on horseback, looking at semi-nude women with their binoculars. Other officers on foot had visible machetes strapped to their backpacks.

When I left July 5, I passed the convoy of federal officers going into the gathering. I saw about 20 trucks, most with only one officer, but none with more than two; doubling their transportation expenses (at your expense) to show force.

When the Dillon, Mont., newspaper attended, they said in print that the only people they were intimidated by were the federal officers. Google “Today in Dillon.” Yes, the U.S. Forest Service spent $575,000 of taxpayer money to intimidate people attending a permitted gathering on public land.

Dan Sharp

Deer Park

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