October 5, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Unfair to Internet business


That was a rather one-sided editorial on taxing the Internet. Let’s look at it from an Internet small business standpoint. Imagine a small business selling nationally on the net, how does it collect and pay sales taxes to over 8,000 taxing entities?

You say there is software readily available? Only if you are willing to pay the high upfront cost and then a percentage of every sale to the developer. There is nothing you can buy outright. I tried. The Constitution’s Commerce Clause has something to say about taxing companies that are not located in a state, ever hear of nexus?

Internet buyers pay shipping and handling costs and the costs are generally more than the sales tax for a given item. Add taxes on top of shipping and handling and Internet business is now at a disadvantage. Give it a break, the only entity being hurt here is the state that is whimpering over lost tax revenue.

Local business is certainly not at a disadvantage, so stop using them as a hammer. Plus, local Internet businesses bring in substantial amounts of outside revenue that is spent locally.

Gary Challender

Spokane Valley

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