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Back ombudsman ordinance

On Monday at 6 p.m., the Spokane City Council will take up an ordinance to implement Proposition 1, which established within our City Charter the vehicle for independent and civilian-involved oversight of the Spokane Police Department. Prop. 1 has languished without implementation since 70 percent of Spokane voters passed it eight months ago.

Councilman Steve Salvatori has proposed an ordinance that would implement Prop. 1, and the Spokane Police Guild has threatened litigation if this ordinance passes. Given that the citizens of Spokane have made their will crystal clear, the time for the historical acquiescence of the City Council and administration to the Police Guild is necessarily over.

Regardless of your thoughts about police oversight, allowing a small group to thwart the will of the people as expressed through direct democracy is a threat to each of us.

Please join me at the Oct. 7 Spokane City Council meeting in supporting Prop. 1 implementation. This is the moment when our numbers are needed to move from our tragic past to a more transparent future.

Ed Byrnes



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