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Sun., Oct. 6, 2013

Leaders can’t empathize

I agree with William Mahaney (Sept. 29) on a fraud squad to investigate the national government’s waste. Maybe our politicians would be willing to donate their Social Security benefits to all of our poor to solve the budget problems. If our politicians were required to live in poverty before being elected (food stamps, housing and SNAP assistance, mass transit and no health insurance), maybe their perspective would change.

Why is it that our most vulnerable are always targeted for budget cuts? Maybe the poor need national lobbyists.

The political game of chicken being played with the budget holding Obamacare hostage is outrageous. According to opponents, it’s written so badly that it needs to be redone. Once scrapped, nothing else would be started. It doesn’t matter who starts it.

The framework is needed to construct medical care for everyone. We are a world leader, yet lesser countries protect their people’s health. Compromise isn’t in politicians’ vocabulary these days. Washington doesn’t remember that they are to represent people first, party ideals second. Please remember this when you go to the polls.

Carol Echtenkamp


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