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Leave Mt. Spokane alone

I feel strongly that the Mt. Spokane 2000 project is not the proper solution for more recreational options for the Spokane community.

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to join classmates in a day hike in the proposed expansion. I was surprised to find that the 279 acres include old growth forest habitat. It is different to just say that this expansion would be affecting the wildlife and species biodiversity, but after exploring this area I can attest that it is truly filled with some of nature’s most beautiful old growth forest.

I do not think that this expansion on Mt. Spokane would do any good for the environment or necessarily for the Spokane community. I think a better idea would be to update the facilities that Mt. Spokane already has. A new lodge that serves better food and beverages can really attract more people. In addition, upgrading the chairlifts and expanding the trails can draw in more tourists.

Mt. Spokane is a beautiful place. It is a delicate treasure that is nothing compared to some of the bigger mountains nearby for outdoor recreation, yet it is special for its smaller feel. I believe that we should keep Mt. Spokane the way it is.

Sheila Canavan



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