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Sun., Oct. 6, 2013, midnight

Preserve exceptionalism

There is a misunderstanding of what American exceptionalism means. America is exceptional because it is the only nation which was not born of a unifying culture or people but was born of a unifying idea. The idea is that our creator has given us certain natural rights. The role of the government is to uphold those natural rights. America was founded to be a “city upon a hill” for the rest of the world. These ideas are outlined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

What was radical at the time of the founding was not only creation of a nation based on the idea of liberty, but also that, in a time of monarchies, this idea of democratic self-government was the means to safeguard freedom.

In less than 150 years America went from 13 states to the indispensable leader of the world.

Economic freedom is another way America is exceptional – freedom of individuals to own property and dispose of the fruits of their labor as they see fit.

These ideas that are unique to America are being extinguished, and if successful America will no longer be exceptional. In fact, it may cease to exist.

John Seney


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