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Stop the sabotage

Spearheaded by the right wing billionaire Koch Brothers, our national economy is being deliberately sabotaged, largely for the sake of for-profit health care and insurance industries willing to put their own profit ahead of the health and well-being of American families, both poor and working class.

Harder to fathom is the rank and file of the tea party holding our national economy hostage until we agree to withhold health care services from lower-income American families. How is it patriotic for older Americans, who enjoyed quality education, Social Security and Medicare for themselves and their own children, to now insist we withhold those same public goods from today’s children and families?

Is it because today’s poor are disproportionately black or Spanish-speaking? Is it to make sure there is a permanent underclass, keeping wages low and goods and services cheap? Instead, the United States will continue to lose jobs to better-educated and more-skilled workers in other countries.

Wake up! It is impossible to sabotage your own nation and its economy without also hurting yourself and your own grandkids in the process.

Chris Norden

Moscow, Idaho


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